KC Petrophysics Inc. 

LAS Applications (LasApps): Software Focussed on
     Pre-interpretation Tasks for Core and Log Data.


Repairs and/or modifies LAS formated files in preparation for log analysis. (see Product Details) This software is also available on the Canadian Well Logging  Society's web page (www.cwls.org )

   ( US$200)

The commercial version of LasApps.  This version sets no limits on batch processing and includes additional routines such as core data to LAS conversion, the ability to run math scripts on LAS files etc. (see Product Details)    

This will download the free version of LasApps which will convert to LasAppsPro when a licence is purchased.  

NOTE: Antivirus software tags our software as "infrequently used" and will treat it as malware. Please allow your anti virus software to download and install this program.  

LasAppsPro vers.    February 5, 2019
Win XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10 ... needs MS .NET 4.0 Framework

Petrophysical software with a focus on pre-interpretation tasks

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NOTE: For plotting software (Schlumberger DataView-2004) see https://www.spec2000.net/05-lasfiles.htm