KC Petrophysics Inc. 

               - activation is a two step process (see below)
               - the license is good for one install
               - the license, once activated, can not be transferred from one machine to another.

Buy the Pro Version of LAS Applications

The Activation Process:    

The activation process is a two step process. On purchasing the software, we will
           send you an 'install key' which you will use to generate a 'surety file' that 
           you will send to us. We will validate that 'surety file' and return it to you. 
           The 'install key' and the 'validated surety file' will activate the software. Below are 
           the exact steps to follow: 

           Step #1: Un-install all old versions of LasApps. Download the latest version of 
                         LasApps from 
http://kcpetrophysics.mynucleus.ca/  . This will give you
                         access to the free version.  

           Step #2:
Once you have purchased the software from the website, we will send
                          you an install key (most 'install keys' are sent within 24 hours.)
           Step #3: On receiving the 'install key', start the LasApps software and 
                         left click on the menu item "Help/Licence Info". This will display the 
                         "Licence Information" form.
           Step #4: Left click on the "Export surety file" button and enter the "install key" we sent to 
                         you in the text box labelled "Enter install key". Then, using the "browse" 
                         button, specify a directory to store the surety file that will be generated. 
                         The surety file will have the name "LasApps1_1.xml". 
           Step #5: Email this 'surety file' to
. We will then send you
                         back a 'validated surety file'. 
           Step #6: On receiving the validated surety key, start the LasApps software, and
                          left click on the menu item "Help/Licence info" to display the "Licence
                          information" form. Left click on the "Import validated surety file" button, 
                          enter the "install key" we sent you earlier, and, using the browse button,
                          enter the location of the validated surety file in the box provided on the form. 
eft click on the "continue" button to activate the software. A message 
                          will appear in the top left quarter of the form  if the validation is sucessful. 

           Step #7:  Restart the LasApps software. The software will open as before but it
                          will now display the label "LasApps Pro" in the top right hand 
                          area of the form. The LasApps Pro software is now active and all
                          of the routines will be operable.