KC Petrophysics Inc. 

LasApps - (freeware ) includes the following processes:
1) Batch processing (up to 4 files)
2) Repair LAS files for common errors
3) Converts LAS 1.2 to LAS 2.0 and LAS 3.0 to LAS 2.0
4) Fixes start, stop, step problems
5) Resample LAS files
6) Set depth direction of LAS files
7) Wrap/Unwrap LAS files
8) Convert depths in LAS files to feet or to metres
9) Identify errors in LAS files using the Certify program
10) Change LAS curve names using an alias table
11) Remove curves from LAS files
12) Convert text files to LAS 2.0 files
13) Merge LAS 2.0 files - (single well mode)
14) Unzip files
15) Change file extensions
16) Rename LAS files to their UWI/API numbers
17) Collect mnemonics from LAS files
18) Collect Rm and Rmf data from LAS files
19) Filter LAS files by type (Unix, wrap, unwrap, vers. 1.2, vers 2.0, vers. 3.0)
20) Modify LAS heading information
21) Change null values
22) Collect header data from LAS files and put in a .csv file (compatible with MS Excel)
LasAppsPro - Includes all of the processes in LasApps (above) as well as:
21) Batch processing (no limits on number of files)
22) Extract curves from LAS files and set their order
Convert core data from Microsoft Excel format to LAS 2.0 (needs MS Office Professional to work. 
      Will not work with 'Office 365'.)
24) Extract a depth interval from LAS files
25) Merge LAS files in batch mode
26) Run math scrips on LAS files (capable of handling large scripts)
27) Re-allign columns in LAS files
28) Convert Unix to PC/Windows format
29) Text viewer for LAS files
30) Convert Pason Systems time based drilling data (csv file) to LAS
31) Convert csv to space delimited file
32) Convert MS Excel to LAS (needs MS Office Professional to work; will not work with 'Office 365)
33) Change index curve in LAS file

Product Details for LasApps and LasAppsPro