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- Overview of LAS Applications (LasApps) software

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Frequently Asked Questions
1) Installation Instructions
2) System requirements
3) Extracting API/UWI from file name.
4) Problem viewing LAS files in NotePad.

1) Installation Instructions
- Uninstall the old versions of LasApps or LasAppsPro. Warning! During the uninstall process
the directory C:/LasApps may be deleted. If this directory contains files you wish to keep we suggest you rename the directory before starting the uninstall process. 
- Download the latest version of LasApps ( http:// kcpetrophysics.mynucleus.ca/)
- Double click on the downloaded file to install
- Your anti-virus software may issue warnings because this software is new and uncommon.  
- Ignore the warnings and carry on. 
- The software should now be installed ready to use.

2) System Requirements
- Windows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10
- Microsoft .NET 4.5

3) Extracting API/UWI from file name
Q)   We have a large number of LAS files where the file names include the well API number but where the API number is not included in the file itself. Can this be fixed?

A)   Extracting the well API/UWI from the file name and placing that information into the LAS header can be done by going to the LasApps menu item "More Tools/Other/Modify LAS Header" and selecting the radio button "Get API number from file name and put in LAS header"

3) Problem viewing LAS files in NotePad
Q)   Some LAS files appear wrapped when viewed in NotePad while the file claimes it is not. Is this an error and if so where?

A)   NotePad has an option under its menu item 'Format/Word Wrap' that when checked will wrap the file to the size of the NotePad window. This option must be left unchecked to view LAS files correctly. Please note that NotePad will automaticly wrap lines longer than 1000 characters regardless of the 'Format/Word Wrap' setting. The better option to view LAS files is the WordPad software with a checkmark in its menu item 'View/Word wrap/No Wrap'. The other option is to use the text viewer located in LasAppsPro under the menu item 'View/Text viewer for LAS files'.

- Convert core in MS Excel format to LAS
- Perform math on LAS files - part #1
- Convert Pason Systems time based drill data (csv file) to LAS